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3 offres de Post-Doc (matériaux) au Brésil

lundi 2 mai 2011.

Postdoctoral position in materials science.

We look forward to find post-doctorate candidates graduated in interdisciplinary areas of physics, chemistry, materials or chemical engineering to develop a research project or at the Chemistry Institute, UNESP, Araraquara - Brazil, or at the Physics Institute, USP, São Paulo - Brazil.

The goal and the thematic of the main project, entitled Mesoporous Ceramics and Multifunctional Organic-Inorganic Hybrids Prepared by the Sol-Gel Process, include the development and study of membranes, catalysts, absorbents, ceramic foams (Prof. Celso V. Santilli - santilli@iq.unesp.br), controlled drug release devices, coatings to protection against corrosion, solid electrolytes (Prof. Sandra H. Pulcinelli - sandrap@iq.unesp.br) and solid oxide fuel cell (Prof. Márcia C.A. Fantini - mfantini@if.usp.br). All of these systems have a common aspect : the nanometric characteristics that are responsible for the specific properties related to the postulated applications. We are interested in candidates that could show expertise in materials processing from chemical methods, and preferentially, expertise in materials characterization by physical techniques (for example AFM, X-rays, Raman and others). Candidates will be pre-selected by the analysis of 3 documents (Curriculum Vitae, Letter specifying the reasons of interest and a summary of his (her) expertise), that are invited to be addressed to santilli@iq.unesp.br. Activities should begin June 2011. For more information concerning research groups, please visit : http://web.if.usp.br/cristal/ http://www.iq.unesp.br/GFQM/index.htm Location : Araraquara or São Paulo cities in Brazil Vacancies : 3 Scholarship : R$ 5.333,40 or approximately US$ 3.100,00 Occupancy : full time / two years Application Deadline : 5/21/2011

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